Packaging & Labels

Product packaging can play a massive role in the success or failure of your product. For this reason, we conduct extensive research on color schemes, designs and types of product packaging that is the most appealing to its intended consumer. Packaging also plays a very important role in portraying information about the product. Our custom labeling provides your customers with all the needed product information.

Online Marketing

In order to stay relevant in today’s crowded marketplace, being actively online is a must. Social-media has grown to be a very engaging way to reach customers. We specialize in helping businesses present themselves online, and thus reaching more potential customers.


Portraying the right image of your product is essential in this day and age. When it comes to your (online) marketing, the goal is to make your product look as attractive as possible. At Custom Wave we capture the identity of your product, and make sure it looks right for your targeted audience.


Printed publications and other branded materials are an excellent way to establish your brand. Whether you need business cards and invitations, booklets and brochures, or a large volume of product labels, we can help you with any of your printing projects.


First impressions really do matter, presentations have proven to be very important when it comes to pitching ideas or services to potential clients. At Custom Wave there have been many situations where a great presentation brought us new business opportunities. We can help you present your product or services in the right manner, which will lead to more business in the future.

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